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Welcome to Runarcana Wiki,
The Wiki for the Runarcana RPG system.
The system is currently on version 0.94

The Runarcana RPG Wiki has the latest and most updated version of the system to play RPG in Runeterra, the world of League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, Ruined King and other games that share that world. Updates are made for new versions, bug fixes or even for better content clarification.

- Arddhu

December 31, 2022

Runarcana RPG: Content


Part 1: Characters

Chapter 1: Character Creation

Chapter 2: Origins

Chapter 3: Classes

Chapter 4: Detailing

Chapter 5: Customization

Cap. 6: Equipment

Part 2: Rules

Chapter 7: Using Ability Scores

Chapter 8: Adventuring

Chapter 9: Combat

Chapter 10: Magic

Part 3: Runeterra

Chapter 11: Scenario

Chapter 12: Adventure Environments

Part 4: Master

Chapter 13: Running the Game

Chapter 14: Rewards

Appendix A: Conditions

Appendix B: Creatures

Apêndice C: Patch Notes

Apêndice D: Runic Advice

Appendix E: Legacy


Below is the list of projects related to Runarcana RPG:

The Runarcana RPG Drive has the latest resources to help GMs and players, with guides, tools and more.

The Folio Project consists of presenting chracter sheets versions for League of Legends champions and other Runeterra characters.

Project Santangelo features monsters and creatures from Runeterra.

A list of short stories about Runeterra published by Riot Games

Official Runeterra Timeline

Runarcana +

Runarcana + is a "seal" of publications aimed at Runarcana RPG but which are not part of the official body of the system, consisting of third-party publications that have been curated or even materials that bring news to the system but are considered optional.

Magitek Repository

The Magitek Repository is a publication sent to supporters of Arddhu's [[1]]. This publication has different types of content, from magic items to new Origins and may contain experimental and optional content and even content that is not considered (yet) official.

Garden of Shadows

Garden of Shadows is the creation of authors Arddhu, Luke Nitole and Vinicius “Aristotle” Herminius about a new dimensional realm linked to Runeterra.