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The Wiki is in accordance with the version 0.92 of Runarcana RPG

Welcome to Runarcana 0.92!

This wiki is the official presentation of this version of Runarcana RPG.

We've released this tool to make life even easier for Runarcana RPG masters and players, this wiki will be updated frequently to reflect the most up-to-date and patched content.

This was only possible thanks to the work of the Runarcana RPG team, in particular MasterOfSwords who has been the main maintainer of the Wiki. Enjoy!

- Arddhu

June 5, 2020

Patch Notes

Runarcana: Projects

Below is the list of projects related to Runarcana RPG:

Runarcana RPG: Content


Part 1: Characters

Chapter 1: Character Creation

Chapter 2: Origins

Chapter 3: Classes

Chapter 4: Detailing

Chapter 5: Customization

Chapter 6: Equipment

Part 2: Rules

Chapter 7: Using Ability Scores

Chapter 8: Adventuring

Chapter 9: Combat

Chapter 10: Magic

Part 3: Runeterra

Chapter 11: Scenario

Chapter 12: Adventure Environments

Part 4: Master

Chapter 13: Running the Game

Chapter 14: Rewards

Appendix A: Conditions

Appendix B: Creatures

Runarcana +

Institute of War

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Institute

Chapter 7: Playing at the Institute

Chapter 8: Masters at the Institute

Shadow's Garden

Cap. 1: Shadow's Garden

Chapter 2: Creatures

Chapter 3: Rare Material

Chapter 4: Runes for Creatures