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Character classes are schemes that detail what a character can do, what their abilities are, and what kind of resources they have access to through their background or training.

For Runeterra, classes represent your place in the world as well as your function, you can be a combatant, an inventor, an arcane exploring the powers of magic, among a huge number of options.

A total of ten core classes are offered for Runeterra, each of which contains a few subclasses, that are archetypes attuned to the reality of this world. While you can create a Nature Acolyte in Noxus, you would hardly survive being a non-noble Arcane in Demacia.

In the process of creating characters, think about what is its role, how they got to where they are, and where their dreams come from.

A character's class expresses a part of the way he interacts with the world, how he solves his problems and from where he draws strength to move forward.

Class Description Hit Dice Primary Attribute Saving Throws Proficiencyin Weapons and Armor
Acolyte A champion with a connection to the spiritual world at the service of some entity or cause. d8 Wisdom & Charisma Wisdom & Charisma Light and medium armor, shields, and simple weapons
Arcane A magic user capable of manipulating the structures of reality. d6 Inteligence Intelligence & Charisma or Wisdom Daggers, darts, slings, staffs, and light crossbows
Bodhisattva A master of martial arts, using body strength to achieve physical and spiritual perfection. d10 Strength & Wisdom Strength & Wisdom Simple weapons and bodhisattva weapons.
Brute A fierce warrior of primitive origin who can enter rage during a battle. d12 Strength Strength & Constitution Light and medium armor, shields, and simple and martial weapons
Combatant A master of combat, an expert in a wide range of weapons and techniques. d10 Strength Constitution & Strength or Dexterity Every armor, shields, and simple and martial weapons
Hunter An expert in tracking and killing or capturing his prey. d10 Dexterity & Wisdom Dexterity & Wisdom Light and medium armor, shields, and simple and martial weapons
Marksman An expert in the use of firearms and ranged weapons. d8 Dexterity Dexterity & Wisdom Light armor, simple weapons and firearms
Mercurial A trickster who uses stealth and cunning to overcome obstacles and enemies. d8 Dexterity Dexterity & Intelligence Light armor, simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords
Shaman A channeler of energy and spirits d8 Wisdom Constitution & Wisdom Simple weapons.
Techmaturge Experts in using the hidden magic potential of seemingly mundane objects d6 Intelligence Constitution & Intelligence Light armor, simple weapons, every crossbow and repeating crossbows and choose one from light firearms, medium firearms, long firearms, cannons and flamethrowers.