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Minotaurs in Runeterra are particularly widespread across Valoran, with the greatest concentration in the Great Barrier Mountains. Divided into tribes, most of them are under the banner of the Empire of Noxus, but there are tribes in neutral territories or under another command. Even so, they prefer to stay away from the capitals concentrated in their tribes, with a few who venture into the "big cities".


One of the largest Minotaur tribes was betrayed while the others swore allegiance to Noxus. The representative of that tribe, Alistar, was thrown together with his companions in the Challengers arenas where they had to fight for his life to quench the chant of the bloodthirsty spectators.

Though it took place before the Coup that shook the structure of the empire and completely changed its rule, The Fleshing has become a source of shame for Noxians as they fight to erase that stain from their past.


Minotaurs are over 2 meters tall bull-headed humanoids with pairs of horns and extremely strong muscle mass. Their body is covered in short fur with extremely varied coloration, but following the patterns of their lineage.


Although the Minotaurs had their own culture, upon becoming part of the Empire of Noxus some of their customs were set aside in favor of this new "cultural evolution" promoted by the empire. Most of the tribes became part of this and the previous trial of strength culture was one that remained.

Some smaller tribes ended up migrating to Demacia, where they were accepted by society but also ended up giving up some of their customs in favor of living in society under the Demacian flag.

Minotaur Names

Minotaur names are always followed by their clan name.

Male Minotaur Names: Alistar, Beliminorgath, Cinmac, Dastrun, Edder, Galdar, Ganthirogani, Hecariverani, Kyris, Tosher, Zurgas

Female Minotaur Names: Ayasha, Calina, Fliara, Helati, Keeli, Kyri, Mogara, Sekra, Tariki, Telia

Minotaur Clan Names: Athak, Bregan, Entragath, Kaziganthi, Lagrangli, Mascun, Orilg, Sumarr, Teskos, Zhakan

Minotaur Origin Traits

Attributes: You can add 2 points to an attribute and 1 to a second attribute.

Heritage: You have 2 Origin Heritage points,see Chapter 5: Customization - Heritages for the list of Heritages available. You gain 1 Origin Heritage point at level 5, 9, 13 and 17.

Age. Minotaurs reach adulthood at around 17 years old and can normally live up to 150 years.

Size. Minotaurs are between 1.6 and 2.9 meters while their weight is proportional to that of a Human. You can choose between the sizes Medium and Large.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Past. Choose a Past. See Chapter 4: Detailing - Pasts for the list of Pasts available.

Region. You have 1 Region Heritage point and 1 language from that region, you must choose your Region which will define where you grew up and much of how you see the world. You can see more about this in Chapter 11: Runeterra.

Language. You can speak, read and write Minotaur. Minotaurs are more concentrated in Noxus, but they are common in other regions of Valuean..

Horns. The terrifying horns of the Minotaurs are their main weapon and all Minotaurs are proficient with them. The horns deal 1d8 damage + your proficiency bonus + your Strength modifier in piercing damage, and their crit is 19-20 x3, they can also be used to make an attack with a bonus action when another melee attack is made.

Powerful Constitution. Minotaurs have additional stamina, adding half their proficiency bonus to their permanent hit points each level, at level 1 they will have +1 life, already at level 10 they will have +12 and so on.

Lineages. You must choose one Minotaur clan among the following:



More common in Noxus, the Aelus are Minotaurs of smaller stature than other tribes, closer to the standard among humans. They are suspicious by nature and are always aware of their surroundings.

Armor of Perception. Aelus are hardly surprised, having advantage on Initiative rolls and on Perception checks against surprise.

Reactive. Aelus can take an additional reaction during a round. They can do this a number of times equal to half their proficiency bonus per full rest.


The Alnuk are a tribe of Minotaurs that exist in a region of the Freljord, their fur is longer and they are excellent farmers in addition to being extremely good-natured.

Muscle Armor. Alnuk have advantage on saving throws against Extreme Cold and subtract their Strength modifier from all damage taken (except true damage).

Words of Comfort. The Alnuk are able to comfort other living beings thanks to the tone of their voice. Using an action, you can speak to a creature that is Frightened or Charmed within 30 feet of you, ending one of those conditions on the creature, the creature must be able to hear you for this trait to take effect. You can do this a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus per long rest.


The Aurochs are the most numerous tribe of Minotaurs that exist in Valoran, spanning across regions from Demacia to Noxus.

Natural Armor. Due to their thick hide, Aurochs naturally have +1 AC as long as they are not wearing armor.

Triumphant Roar. The Aurochs are the most combative of the Minotaurs and have the ability to release a wild roar, capable of cheering up their allies and simultaneously scaring away their enemies. Using a bonus action, you can cause allies within 15 feet of you to gain temporary hit points equal to your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier. Besides that, all enemies within 10 feet of you must make a Wisdom saving throw with DC 10 + your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier. On a failure, an affected creature is Frightened of you for the next minute and it can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns to end this effect. On a success, the creature is immune to this effect for 24 hours. You can use this trait a number of times equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum of 1) per long rest.